Item 1: Model 1936MK-5 Air Machine

100% Forced Convection Reflow Oven with the following features and benefits:

 18" Wide Edge Hole Conveyor to accommodate PCB's up to 18" wide

 18" Wide Mesh Belt

 3600mm Heated Tunnel Length

 20 Independent Temperature Controlled Heating Zones (10 Top and 10 Bottom Zones

  3 Top Cooling Zones

 Complete Computer Control System including

 LCD Color Monitor

 5 Thermocouple "Real Time" profiling

 PID temperature control to ensure zone temperature stability to +/- 1C

 Signal Light Tower to indicate system status

 Power controlled Clamshell Hood Lift

 380V, 50 HZ, 3 phases, 100 AMPS per phase

  Left to Right Conveyor Travel

 Floor space requirements:  268"L x 60"W x 63"H

  Enhanced Frame Design

 Breaker Over-current Protection

  Edge Hold Conveyor (Power Control) Front Rail Fixed


 Automatic Lubrication System for Edge Hold Conveyor

 BU-19 / Battery Back-Up

 Board Guide

 Site training and installation

Scanning the two-dimensional micro-letter code share